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Diptych sold together

Studio fire sale original piece.

Part of FIRE SALE Series of work. All pieces have imperfections in the construction after being affected by the fire. Rips in canvas and black tar on many pieces. All piece have gone through smoke damage repair with a non toxic restoration process.

96 x 50 inches each

House paint, aerosol, acrylic, oil stick and tar on canvas

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Seeking connection at a time when the simulation is becoming more and more actualized. I rebooted the router many many times but the virus in my computer is running rampant. Called tech support but I’ve been on hold for a couple years now. Crack heads outside my window suddenly I’m embracing in my living room. Take care of your heart before it’s too late. The doorway of in eminence comes thru in dreams but that is just a DMT dump in REM sleep possibly. What does it mean to lose your memory and given a new chance everyday to try and escape or lockdown further in your own bullshit?

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